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About That One Girl

JAKLYN is a bold singer and songwriter who has always had a vision for her own original, soulful sound that would fuse together her many influences. She launched a solo music project so she could capture exactly what was in her mind, with influences including soul, pop, jazz fusion, electronic, downtempo, hip hop, and rock. After several years of writing and recording, she has emerged with an impressive debut album that showcases her creative songwriting and reflects the different facets of her artistic identity.

The project defies boundaries of both genre and geography. JAKLYN resides in Oakland, California. But for the production, JAKLYN tapped the talents of Erik Rico, a versatile, multi-instrumentalist based out of Austin, Texas. Rico has written and produced music for hip hop and soul artists like Jurassic 5, Planet Asia, and Ladybug Mecca (Digable Planets), and has also made several of his own indie soul albums. They collaborated remotely to form JAKLYN’s 13 1/2 songs into an eclectic, dream-like journey of a “grown up girl” navigating through modern society. The album also benefits from tasteful contributions by jazz pianist Kit Taylor, who JAKLYN met while living in her native city, Portland, Oregon.

The album’s title, That One Girl, is a nod to independent women who resist pressures to conform, and JAKLYN’s expression ranges from vulnerable to fierce. The album transitions seamlessly through R&B, electro pop, ambient, nu jazz, and alt-rock styles.  The surprising addition of a minimally produced, downtempo-infused pop ballad at the end of the album further demonstrates her range as a songwriter.

JAKLYN’s approach to life is as multi-dimensional as her music.  Her interests in the visual arts and technology led her to her other career in product design, where she has designed products used by millions of people around the globe.  She also dabbles in videography, shooting and editing live performance videos for the London-based Sofar Sounds. A strong believer in giving back to the community, she mentors young people in art and business through organizations like CoachArt and Year Up.

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Syrup: The Remixes EP

3 creative producers put a fresh spin on JAKLYN’s feminist anthem “Syrup” from her debut album.

Debut album: THAT ONE GIRL

JAKLYN’s debut album That One Girl was released in August 2016.  Her song “All Over Again” was a finalist in the international John Lennon Songwriting Contest.  Full album available here.


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